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Hector Cantu Kalifa

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Outside Mexico

It’s hard to tell when someone’s soul changes, especially when dark energy is around.

One day, Henry’s father leaves for work like usual but never comes home. Left to fill his father's shoes with his younger siblings, eighteen-year-old Henry convinces his mother to book a family vacation at a remote cabin. He quickly realizes they were in a mysterious land when he and his ten-year-old brother Moris find two strange horns and are thrown into a far-away universe where wizards are real and magic rules.

The brothers soon find themselves smack in the middle of a wizard war between the Veneficums and the Milaculums. Both groups are fascinated by the humans . . . and the horns they carry. The boys have no idea one horn has dark powers and alters the soul of the one who carries it. They just want to get home again, but someone in the wizard world wants to use the horns’ power for dark purposes and will stop at nothing to get them.


In a strange world where wizards fight each other and are not what they seem, who can the brothers trust? More importantly, how will they ever get home alive? 

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My Story

I, HECTOR CANTU KALIFA, live in Monterrey, Mexico with my wife and my four children, two boys and two girls. I meditate/pray every day and I enjoy sports, so I exercise at least four times a week.

The Horn’s Hoax: The Forbidden Instrument is my debut novel and Book One of the series The Horn's Hoax.



The writing of this book has been an unexpected pleasure for me, as I would never have imagined myself writing a book. 

It all began in September 2019. It was intended to be a ten-page short story. But as I wrote, my imagination and my taste for writing kept me working. I realized on a blank page I can create amazing things and let my imagination fly. Words kept coming, and I discovered the hard work of building a story; that’s why it took me too long for this first book. With the help of many people, I gave my heart to create my first Art. So I hope this story reaches all the readers who enjoy fantasy. And for that, I encourage you to leave a review. It will help me as an author and I promise to look at it. 

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